This option contains 13 essential colors in professional paints by M. Graham in this convenient palette. It is a little bigger than a travel-sized palette but extremely easy to carry in a bag with you anywhere you might wish to paint. The wells are deep enough to carry a good amount of paint. The palette has a total of 18 wells for you to add more colors as you expand your paint inventory. I will include a color chart for the colors provided in the tray at the time of purchase. Condition is brand new. Photo shows what palette looks like snaped closed and open. The closed size dimensions are 5 x 9 inches. there is a removable clear tray inside the lid which is easily removed to expand your color "mixing" surfaces. 


Included paints are manufactured by M. Graham, and these are vibrant and glowing.. Leak-proof lid clicks tightly shut for airtight storage and spill-proof travel. Crisp white acrylic surface shows colors to appear the same as they will on paper.  Colors include: 1) Azo Yellow 2) NQ Gold 3) Gamboge 4) Quin Red 5) Naphthol Red 6) Maroon Perylene 7) Diox Purple 8) Ultra Blue 9) Cerulean Blue 10) Phthalo Green 11) Hooker Green 12) Burnt Sienna and 13) Payne’s Gray.

Cost is $60 plus shipping to your location. See FAQ page for more information about paints and color mixing. 

13 Essentials -- Palette of Professional Paints

  • The advantage to getting one of these trays is the great opportunity to become familiar with a large range of colors by an excellent manufacturer with a lower entry cost. M. Graham professional paints are made with honey (not sugar) so they never fully harden in your tray and have unusual vibrancy. They also don’t tend to mold-over the way other paints do. They’ve been my preferred paint for more than a decade. They are actually somewhat less expensive than the other big names, so if you like them and want to refill your trays from tubes you buy for yourself, you will know what you are getting and it will be a happy experience.