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This large acrylic tray by Jones or Pike (10 x 13.25 inches) with a cover lid to store and lots of space for mixing has 20 wells generally broken down in to 10 warm and 10 cool colors representing an essential mix of transparent and traditional earth colors. Pictured here is my tray and the arrangement of colors upon which these 20 color palettes are modelled.  Names recorded on side of tray by each individual well. Condition is next to new. Gently used a time or two but will arrive completely clean, appropriately filled, and otherwise nearly perfect.  If you were to go to an art store and purchase a tiny disposable tray with half as many colors for one-time use, it would cost you $30 for such a “sampler set.”  With the palette offered here, you’ll get enough paint to make it through at least ten projects before you will think about refilling. By that point you'll know if you love watercolor enough to spend the money to buy whole tubes for yourself and feel good about the commitment. 


Professional paints in tray manufactured by M. Graham. These vibrant and glowing colors include:

1) Hansa Yellow or Indian Yellow;  2) Azo Yellow; 3) Nickel Quin Gold; 4) Raw Sienna (earth color); 5) Gamboge or Azo Orange; 6) Quin Rose;  7) Quin Red 8) Napthol Red or Cadmium Red; 9) Maroon Perylene; 10) Burnt Sienna (earth); 11) Dioxizine Purple; 12) Ultramarine Blue; 13) Cerulean Blue; 14) Cobalt Blue 15) Permanent Pale Green  16) Hooker or Sap Green; 17) Phthalo Green; 18) Payne’s Gray or Black Mix; 19) Burnt Umber; 20) Titanium White or China White. My tray above has Burnt Umber in it which I never use, so I suggest the toning color of Titanium White as a better use of that last paint well.

Cost is $90 plus shipping to your location.  See FAQ page for more thoughts about paint and color mixing.


20 Colors-- Professional Paint Palette

  • The advantage to getting one of these trays is the great opportunity to become familiar with a large range of colors by an excellent manufacturer with a lower entry cost. M. Graham professional paints are made with honey (not sugar) so they never fully harden in your tray and have unusual vibrancy. They also don’t tend to mold-over the way other paints do. They’ve been my preferred paint for more than a decade. They are actually somewhat less expensive than the other big names, so if you like them and want to refill your trays from tubes you buy for yourself, you will know what you are getting and it will be a happy experience.

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