At the OPEN STUDIO IN TUALATIN on October 4th, we are having a special activity which has been requested for a long time--a workshop on how to design and create a signature seal or "chop" as you see in classic Chinese paintings. We are talking about that familiar red stamp you see in Chinese artwork. 


It is on trend to sign finished watercolor paintings this way, especially small ones because the result is beautiful and solves the problem of signing a long name at the bottom of the painting. The “chop” becomes another art element within your artwork.


We will cover designing your own personal chop. Bring your own materials and come with the carving tools (Speedball carving set is approx. $12 on Amazon) which are listed and pictured here. As part of your fee, I will include one pad of high-quality linoleum (4 x 6 x .35 inches) to carve into and 2 sheets of vellum for tracing and printing. If you wish to create more stamps than a signature seal, you may wish to purchase more linoleum to bring for use during and/or after the workshop. The materials I provide with your registration will be sufficient for you to create your seal and at least one other "stamp" as a practice design. I will guide you in the process of designing, carving, and printing. There’s a lot to know and I share all my tips and tricks as usual. 


The workshop runs from 9 am to 12 pm.  Registrations are limited to 8 artists. Signups are on a first-come basis. No refunds for missed sessions.






October Chop & Stamp Workshop

  • Bring your favorite art supplies along that you would normally use for watercolor painting. There will be water buckets and towels for your use and a light table for those who prefer to transfer images to paper versus hand-drawing.

    In addition to your normal watercolor paints and brushes and sketchbooks, please bring these items which are easy to find and get quickly from Amazon. :

    1. typing or printer paper to sketch sample designs for your chop

    2. a couple of pads of linoleum, 6 x 6 is ideal but bigger is okay too. Amazon has various options. If you get into this, you may have fun creating your own stamps to add patterns to your work. 

    3. basic carving tools to cut the linoleum as pictured here.

    4. brayer (optional) 

    5. vellum (optional) 

    6. old paintings to practice printing on with the chop) 

    7. bandaids (yes, sorry, it is easy to knick yourself in the beginning)

    I will demo how to print on vellum and adhere to your painting versus just printing directly from the chop to the artwork. If you like this approach as an alternative to direct sealing, then you will know how to do it at home.