Drop-in for $15.  Fridays are where you can learn all the tricks and skills to draw anything. Anyone can learn to draw. That means YOU!


Something fishy is going on in August.

We will learn drawing principles through an exploration of underwater wildlife, namely fish. We'll capture their shapes and work on rendering their specific details from the tip of the gills to the tail fins. We'll work with pen and ink also this month as a perfect way to make marks and pile line upon line. For this class you’ll want to have some permanent black markers like Ultra Fine Sharpies or smaller pens in a set by Micron or Prismacolor for example. 


We will continue studying the geometry of things and collections of things as we learn to draw.  Drawing is a learned skill that and if you've ever wanted to try it or improve or brush up on your skills, join us on any Friday. This is a low stress, positive class. People say it increases the "joy factor" in their lives. 


Offered every Friday from 10am to 11am PST (West Coast US); 1pm - 2pm EST (East Coast US); 6pm - 7pm GMT (London) except for the holidays and otherwise as noted, this is a drop-in drawing class in which we study a small object and render its lines and values as we work from photographs or sometimes from life.  There is always extra source material and handouts to aid the process. Time allowing, we paint the still life that what we've drawn. Various media are used. 

Fridays Beginning Drawing Via Zoom 10-11am

  • This drop-in drawing and painting class packs A LOT into one hour. Every session will be a little different as there are a variety of drawing techniques to cover. Each session focuses on a big idea or one particular technique and applies it to a small object that sits on the table. You may view the object the instructor is using and draw/paint along, or you may bring your own. We use a variety of media (pencil, WC pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor) but there is no requirement to buy anything special. Bring what you have and you'll have a good time. 

  • Once your payment is received and your registration is processed, you will receive by email whatever handouts are necessary for class or you may find class materials on the instructor's Instagram hashtag at #angelasarthouse where students are also encouraged to upload  their work to share with other students if they wish. You will also receive a "Zoom Invitation Link" to your email. Log on to class begins a half hour ahead of class time to work out any tech issues and for people to socialize prior to class starting.