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If you are looking for new ways to paint looser with your watercolors, this class series is for you. You will learn new ways to use wet-into-wet techniques to achieve exquisite blends of color and a variety of edges from lost and soft to more defined resulting in stunning and spontaneous art. Designed to meet the students at whatever level they are currently at from beginner to more experienced and advanced painters, this class will initially get you out of your comfort zone and reward your courage! The only real requirement is that you come with good paper and a willingness to let go.


June 3rd -- We will paint our first floral work in an analogous color scheme and practice “conditioning the paper” before we start—the essential ingredient to getting the colors to flow just right. We will use the daffodil inspiration photo pictured above (in greens and yellows.) By the end of class, you will have a stunning piece of art that will surprise you. 


June 10th-- We will build on the skills we learned in the first session, reviewing the beginning strategy of  “conditioning the paper” and then launch into a still-life painting incorporating fruits and flowers. Another option is to paint poppies! I'll check in with the class when we are together about their preferences. It is okay if people are working on a couple of different things.  Again the focus will be on the flow of paint and a variety of edges and fine-tuning our timing on working when the paper when the moment is correct to get the best result. A new inspiration photo will be used along with some helpful handouts on the floral structure of poppies for those going in that direction to help you capture the most important lines. We will talk about how to analyze a photo and decide the best way to translate the edges in the photo into new edges in your painting.


June 17th-- We will do our third loose watercolor painting using a wet-into-wet technique. For this session, you are encouraged to bring in your inspiration from your stash of images you’ve always wanted to paint or re-paint. If you prefer, there will be another inspirational photo and drawing provided for practice. Some possibilities are waterlillies or Multnomah Falls. 


COST: Portland Art Guild Members pay $60. Non-members are welcome to join in for $120. Copy paste this link into your browser to register:

June Classes at Portland Art Guild

  • Bring your favorite art supplies along with a sack lunch if you'd like to visit over the lunch hour. This is not a venue for oil or acrylic painters, so focus on watercolor painting and any of the drawing media including graphite, charcoal, and pastel. There will be water buckets and towels for your use and a light table for those who prefer to transfer images to paper versus hand-drawing.

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