3-hour class in which we take inspiration from Miro, 20th Century surrealist who  developed a unique visual language born of his lifelong experimentation with line, symbols and vivid color. In this class we focus on story telling inside the painting.  Many contemporary artists use art journals to develop their own motifs and symbolism and interplay of idea and image. We will consider lines and shapes which are familiar, perfect, distorted and symbolic to develop our own imaginary landscape of the mind. Your guiding principle might be autobiography, journalism, family heritage, or whatever you are passionate about. Fun prompts in the first session will help tickle your brain and some guidelines and demos will help you with construction of your own unique artwork that says what you want to say. What do you want to say?  This project will develop over two sessions and be completed by the end of the second session. 

Video Lesson: 4 March Watercolor w Pen+Ink

  • Paint from your home via your phone, laptop, or desktop computer. Set up your table to paint along as you watch demos and get help on your project as you go. You don't have to pack up your supplies and drive anywhere. Meet up with your art friends from class and make new friends from around the globe. 

    ​All levels welcome. If you want to develop your skills and get to the next level whatever your starting point, this class is for you. I provide interesting and beautiful projects and use them to teach basic to advanced skills/techniques as well as tips and tricks with the medium. Instruction is step-by-step with lots of demonstrations and time for students to paint what they are seeing and learning. There will also be time to share your work and get feedback and helpful suggestions for continuing and improving. The learning and sharing continue in our online community in our private Facebook group called Angela's Art House.

    Sign up here or with your Smartphone using the Venmo app (make payment to @angelawrahtz or "Angela-Wrahtz") for any 2-date series to reserve your space.  Once tuition is received, confirmation  and handouts (inspiration piece, photo reference, and traceable drawing plus invitation link) will be sent to you ahead of class for you to prepare.

    Class will open a half hour ahead of class start time for you to secure your link and visit before instruction begins. Video recordings of the class make it possible for you to make up any missed sessions.

  • Once your payment is received and your registration is processed, you will receive by email whatever handouts are necessary for class or you may find class materials on the instructor's Instagram hashtag at #angelasarthouse where students are also encouraged to upload  their work to share with other students if they wish. You will also receive a "Zoom Invitation Link" to your email. Log on to class begins a half hour ahead of class time to work out any tech issues and for people to socialize prior to class starting.