Beginning in September 2021, we are meeting again at the wonderful Tualatin Heritage Center for in person art classes. Come and learn art, make friends, and take a look at some cool dinosaur bones found locally and preserved at this site which is also the home of the Tualatin Historical Society.


Classes at the THC are designed to welcome students of all levels. True beginners will get step-by-step guidance on a special project geared to them to give them basic skills to move on to more challenging subject matter.  I usually choose a beautiful botanical subject, the succulent, as a vehicle for creating a piece of art while learning these skills. Students who are familiar with the characteristics of watercolor and have a little bit of experience (i.e., they've done the succulent with me) will get their own projects to work on in which explore special topics and more advanced techniques. For September 2021, this group of students are asked to bring in unfinished paintings, failed paintings, sketches, paintings where they feel "stuck," etc. We will use these as an opportunity to experiment with backgrounds. September will be about ideas and strategies for finishing paintings. Every artist has a box full of art that needs help/finishing/background work. My fish in the banner head of the home page shows a lively background we'll practice creating in September. 



September 14 and 28

October –OFF

November 9 and 23

December 7

January 11 and 25


With Covid restrictions lifted, we are now planning for every month having a series of 2 classes on a theme ($70 for 2 classes) which will result in you painting a project that you may wish to frame. We are meeting the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.


There is a morning session from 9am to Noon and an afternoon session. Choose one and join us! All levels welcome. Beginning to advanced. There is something for everyone. No matter what level you are starting at, I will bring you to the next level. Many of my students have gone on to become very good artists and some even award winners in regional art shows. My teaching style relies on lots of demonstration and step-by-step instruction. There is time for me to walk around the room and given each student personal attention and consults on their work. Come for the art and come for the friendship. 


I need to have a minimum of 10 students for each date to make the session a go. Please enroll early to avoid class cancellations. 


There is one more option to consider. If you like to set up and dig in, consider coming to paint all day. Bring a bag lunch or sneak out for lunch in between AM and PM. 


As far as Covid is concerned, I am double vaccinated as are most students who've indicated they will be returning I am not asking about your vaccine status. I only ask that if you believe you may be ill, please do not come to class.  A refund or credit will be issued. If I am ill, I will cancel so as not to spread germs. Thank you!

Tuesdays 14 & 28 September at the Tualatin Heritage Center

  • Each 3-hour session is $35 and registration assumes you will participate for the month, either for two morning sessions ($70 total); or two afternoon sessions ($70 total); or any all-day session which is $70 total.

    You can mix and match your days and times, meaning you can come in the morning on one date and in the afternoon on the other date if you need to make the switch because of a medical appointment or something important. If you do this, you need to let me know in advance what you plan to do, so I can account for it in the enrollment numbers.


  • Once your payment is received and your registration is processed, you will receive by email whatever handouts are necessary for class or any information about supplies. I usually have helpful handouts you may wish to print and bring to class with you. Usual supplies you will need include watercolor paper (140 lb is recommended), watercolor paints (I use M. Graham but bring whatever you have ), a water bucket and old towels, several brushes, a pencil and kneaded eraser, a spray bottle and a little salt in a baggy, a board to tape your paper to (I bring some of these and they are for sale for $5), and blue painter's tape. I can provide a more extensive list of supplies with colors but I keep it simple since colors can be mixed and that is a big part of the fun of this.