Drop in for a session ($15) for the remaindere of this month, or get a bundle of 4 classes next month ($48.) We will draw and paint the face from different angles with different media. In June we will rende portraits on toned paper with inspiration from Anna Carlyle. Have you ever worked on paper that is not white to begin with? If the paper has a tone (warm or cool doesn’t matter) you are beginning with the gray scale and somewhere in the middle. First we add lines, then we add darks and highlights to create form. We can add color for interest. Blending techniques make the range of values exceptionally interesting. Great way to sketch or create quick expressive portraits. 


This is an ongoing series of short classes at the next level up beginning level.  This class assumes you know what we learned in the 101 series in which we developed a thorough understanding and practice drawing the head and features. In other words, this series assumes you have some basic knowledge or prior experience constructing a portrait. If you have studied portraiture previously (even just a little) then this class may be just the right level for you. If you are starting from a blank slate, then you want to start with the "101" class which is on Thursdays. 


In this series there will be meaningful review of basic skills and work toward putting all the pieces together in whole portraits which are rendered in various ways (pencil, charcoal, watercolor, etc.) Each session will have its own focus or skill area. There's demo and time for practice and questions.  Unlike other classes which move very fast and don't spend a lot of time on skills, we  do this class as a "bite-sized" approach to the wonders of the human face and its expressions.  We will study features and angles and proportions of famous and not-so-famous-but-immensely-interesting faces.  You are welcome to suggest faces to draw/paint as we work our way along. What can we achieve in a year of thoughtful study and practice? That will be a delight to see...


$48 (US) for a series of 4 classes in the course of a month or $15 (US) for drop-in on a single session.


10am - 11am PST (WestCoast US); 1-2pm EST (EastCoast US); 6-7pm GMT (London). Log on 10 minutes ahead of class to settle in.


Wednesdays "The Face 102" via Zoom 10-11am

  • We will work predominantly with basic drawing pencils, graphite aquarelles (melting drawing pencils when a wet brush is applied to the marks), and watercolor paints. We will also bring in some pen and ink (black Sharpies and other permanent markers) and opague white. More on that in class. We will also make use of a hashtag on Instagram (#angelasarthouse) as a meeting place to find handouts and share our results. We also have a private Facebook group where we can meet to discuss our work and share it on a voluntary upload basis. 

  • Once your payment is received you will receive instructions about any handouts for class.  Sometimes there will be some preparation ahead of time. You will also receive a "Zoom Invitation Link" to your email. Log on to class begins a half hour ahead of class time to work out any tech issues and for people to socialize prior to class starting.