award winning artist, author, instructor

I look forward to providing you with the best art notebooks and journals to inspire your writing and creativity and to help you express yourself through art at my OPEN STUDIOS.  

Thank you for visiting my site and getting to know more about my artful works which include original mixed media paintings, prints and cards based on those paintings and--something I'm really excited about that is a new adventure for me--publishing luscious notebooks, journals and sketchbooks which incorporate fine art covers to inspire your notetaking and writing. My designs can also be found on merch at Redbubble where I've only just begun to create interesting clothing items, bedding, and other giftware for people who love beauty for themselves or to give in extraordinary gifts for personal use items and home decor.

I don't know about you, but I adore to look at beautiful art whether it is in a framed painting or on the surface of some object I use every day. I'm not a materialistic person, and I don't live a fancy life. Being an artist, I find value in more basic things, but I want to elevate my mood with color and beauty. The items I do use have to have some personality to brighten my mood or my space. I think everyone should be able to afford some artful things in their life--if not a original art piece than perhaps a wearable thing like an apron with a good piece of art on it. Out with the generic and ordinary! Real art brings happiness on an emotional and spiritual level that lifts us from the otherwise ordinary vibe around us. Don't you agree? 

I am a lifelong artist who, while not having gone to art school, has studied art her whole life in studio classes at college and in classes and workshops post college. 

I am an award-winning artist who lives and works in the Pacific Northwest. I've spent the last ten years teaching at galleries, art associations, community centers, and in my home studio to students of all ages and backgrounds. I love teaching and continue to have a limited number of students come to my home studio for consultation and individual instruction (and you can see what they have to say about that below), but teaching could no longer be my entire focus with Covid shutting down group spaces where I used to teach and also many students still reluctant to come back to spaces that are open. Zoom was fun for a while but people tired a bit on that. 

My art focus therefore has shifted back to me working on my own creative projects and bringing them to you in creative ways. The comments on my journals have been overwhelmingly positive as you can see at Amazon. I hope you'll choose a design and order for yourself or a loved one. If you like what you've ordered, I hope you will share about it with friends because it will make a difference to me as a creative person who would like to continue supporting herself as a working artist. Your support makes a meaningful difference in my life. Thank you in advance and peace and joy and bold color to you. 




"I can’t begin to express how much I’ve gotten out of your classes. You’ve stoked my creativity just when I needed it. You are an intuitive teacher who knows what each of your students need."  --N.P. of Wilsonville


"I am moved by your ability to take your knowledge and communicate it so clearly. With much gratitude…" --L.R.O. from Portland


"Nola was right, you are a fabulous teacher and artist."  --J. D. of Wilsonville


"I needed this class for many reasons. The participants and you are a blessing to me. I smile every time I attend or go into my room to paint." --L. K. of Salem


"You create a beautiful environment. I’m so happy to have found you!"--E. E. of Wilsonville


"You are such a dear, sweet, sharing person and I thank my lucky stars to have been so fortunate to have gotten to know you.  I so enjoy your classes, but especially your teaching method.  You are so positive and everyone comes away feeling accomplished." --L.R. of L.O.


"Love this class! It’s a chance to stretch my mind and imagination! Of course, I’m totally out of my element, but that’s what the stretch is. Angie is a wonderful guide. Come on in!” --K. S. of Lake Oswego