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Do you dig out space?

If you dig out space, then this post is for you.

Random weird question for today…

If there are aliens traveling through space, when they are careening through the galaxy at warp speed in their sturdy spaceships, do you think they listen to music? Do they amp up the experience of traveling fast past all those blinking lights we call stars with space tunes? Do their extraterrestrial little bodies vibrate with joy the way ours do when we are speeding down the highway with our music blasting? If not, sad for them. Of course, their bodies are not fleshy sensational wonders like ours. And for all, we know they are machines, and they are one with their craft.

No, I have not been “smoking” or taking edibles. I was, however, driving along I-5 after my gym workout today and listening to crazy beautiful piano music by Ludovico Einaudi. “Wind Song” and “Primavera” really got me. Anyway, the oxygenated blood was flowing and went straight to my brain. I felt very alive and kind of in outer space, which brings me back to my original pondering about the Deep. Have you seen the pictures from the newest latest greatest telescope? If I were on drugs, I think I’d feel as small and insignificant as a piece of bacteria next to all that glorious space matter. Or maybe not insignificant at all…just small. I remember I matter in my world which is enough for me, but some part of me (the Trekkie that hasn’t died) longs for a journey in the …beyond.

Those images from space move me a lot, mostly leaving me speechless. I will find ways to paint from these inspiring photos in the coming months along with some long overdue portraits of the moon, or our own special celestial rock that watches over us and keeps things in balance.

Who is your favorite member of the Starship Enterprise?

Have a cosmically beautiful day.

And thanks to NASA for the great selfies from space.

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My favorite space alien character is of course Chewbaca! It's all I know as I am not a scifi girl much since the 60's. I love music. I play music 24/7 and because I am deaf it is on loud. All music, anytime, anyplace that is the best. May the force be with you, lol.

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