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From flu bug to BEAUTIFUL BUGS!!!

My energy is back and I'm diving into gathering resources for the best beginning drawing class ever which is happening Fridays in June from 10am to 11am PST (7am to 8am EST) and the night before if you're in Europe or the UK (Weird how the time zone thing works, huh?)

At first I googled "free images beetles" and thought I'd get a lot of nice photos to choose from. The whole search process for good material to work from in any art class, whether it is in person or online via Zoom, is a time-consuming one. The best thing to do is find excellent copy-right free source material. You can sling through a lot of images before finding a few appropriate pieces to suit your project. If you drop the "free images" qualifier and just look for great photos, as when I googled "beautiful insects," things really open up. Obviously, doing a search this way invites "usage" issues, so you need to know what your purpose is before you collect pictures this way. If you are simply looking to educate yourself and find inspiration, then OBVIOUSLY, you want to see it all and all the best stuff for sure. I knew very little about this creepy, crawling part of the animal kingdom except that these critters with crunchy shells for bodies fashion DNA to avoid detection in their environments. They blend in with flowers and foliage to defeat detection. I had no idea how gorgeous insect life can be.

I can't wait to share my inspirational findings with you, so you can learn more about the cool shapes and markings the bodies these lifeforms take. They are fantastic in the big forms and the small details. We will then devote the four Fridays in June to drawing various beetles, winged wasps, moths and butterflies. (We are skipping spiders since that is crossing the line for some folks!) We'll use the last session of our drawing class for beginners to create fantastical insect beasts from our imaginations using what we've learned about the heads and eyes and legs, wings, and bodies of these creatures. We will explore mark-making, kinds of lines, symmetry, and color as we design artworks inspired by these under-appreciated characters from nature.

You will be amazed at what you create in this fun online art class that happens over Zoom. It is the kind of class that will give you ideas for projects you can do with your children and/or grand children when you want to connect with them through art and engage their creativity. Because I incorporate geometry, this art class actually sneaks in math concepts that are so good for the left brain. So, if you join us, you won't just have fun creating a beautiful art project inspired by the natural world, you will tickle your right brain and your left brain at the same time. They call it art therapy for a reason--it is relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

Sign up for any of the Fridays on a drop-in basis when you can make it, or sign up for all four as a bundle and get a little discount. The classes are recorded and if you sign up for the video recording, you can re-watch these classes at your leisure to catch anything you might have missed during the demo or to simply relive the class. Now don't bug out on me!

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