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June 6th & 7th and September 12th & 13th. 


You are invited to participate in an intensive and exciting art experience in a small group retreat format with me here in Tualatin.  Marbling is a gorgeous art form and doing it is a transformative experience.  It is also a unique bonding experience like no other with fellow artists who like to experiment and play.


Because of the nature of marbling and the many steps involved in producing marbled art, this is a minimum two-day experience. Because the tools and supplies are a lot to put together, the cost of supplies is included in the workshop fee to make it easier for everyone and to guarantee consistent results. Modeled on the best practices of marbling teachers who have gone before me, this workshop is part of a thousand-year tradition of creating one-of-a-kind exquisite papers and artwork. For those who are interested, we will take it to the next level by incorporating our own watercolor art paintings.  


In this workshop, you will learn many things, including:

  • the techniques for creating various designs that are recognizable (and have names),
  • what are the essential materials and supplies needed


In this workshop, you will see demos and practice skills for:

  • Preparing papers and art to be marbled
  • Designing patterns with acrylic paints to float on sizing in a tray
  • Printing your designs onto various kinds of paper
  • Creating and manipulating designs to print over your own artwork


In this workshop, you will also:

  • Get individual help to refine your skills
  • Ask questions and request a demo on things you’d like to learn
  • Share your work, get/give feedback, if you wish


There is much to cover, and we won’t be able to cover everything in these two days. For example, you will create fabulous, marbled papers and marbled artwork, but you may want to gain ideas for where to go next. Ideas for this will be offered individually in my OPEN STUDIOS or in follow-up “mini one-day marbling workshops” designed for marble artists where we tackle artistic choices, fixes, refinements, etc.

The two-day marbling workshop begins at 9 am and goes till 4 pm each day. You will only need to bring the papers and artwork you wish to use for your marbling and a bag lunch. See BELOW for a more detailed list of what to bring. People who register will also be provided with specific directions for sealing their watercolor, charcoal, or other artwork ahead of time--an essential part of the process which has to happen before we meet otherwise your marbling time will be limited.


The cost of each two-day workshop is $295. Again, the fee includes all the materials except papers; that said, some practice papers will be provided to get you started.


This is a small group experience, so space is limited. Registration will be on a first-come basis. CONTACT ANGIE DIRECTLY BY CALLING  OR TEXTING AT 503-705-9193 FOR SPACE AVAILABILITY. If a participant needs to cancel within 30 days of the workshop, there will be no refunds or credits issued.



Marbling is a rich experience and more unfolds the more you do it.  If you are like many other artists, you may find value in taking the marbling workshop multiple times to practice skills in a materials-rich environment with other artists who are on the same journey. Each workshop affords more opportunities for experimentation and developing new strategies that suit your own artistic goals.  In other words, if you love it, you may find you will wish to do more over time.


Weather is important since this is mostly an outdoor experience. We need dry conditions to hang our papers (so, no rain) and we need warmth but not extreme hot or cold. This means there is a small window each year to do a workshop.


No one can predict the weather, but we plan with optimism.  Hopefully, we will have a lovely September and October, allowing for a couple more opportunities to have marbling fun.  If you sign up and the weather is an issue, we will reschedule. If we need to reschedule, and you are unhappy with the rescheduled dates, I will issue you a refund, no worries. We want this to be a delightful experience for everyone and thank you for understanding and being flexible. 


I hope you will join us.


Yours in art,



2024 Marbling Workshops: Intro to Marbling

  • What to Bring to the Marbling Workshop

    Included with our workshop fees, you will be provided with almost everything you will need to have a complete and fun experience--alum prep solution for your papers; the trays with carrageenan size for marbling, acrylic marbling paint, marbling tools to create your designs while you are here; workstations for you to be creative in; etc.; and handouts to fall back on.

    The big thing you are responsible for bringing is your papers to marble onto during the printing stage of the process. I will elaborate on “papers” below.

    THINGS TO BRING (in no particular order):

    • Wear old clothes and comfy old shoes you don’t mind possibly ruining with a paint accident or bring an apron
    • Gloves to protect your hands
    • Roll of paper towels
    • Old rags to wipe up (I’ll have some but you’ll want a nice supply)
    • Hand lotion to comfort your hands if you are not using gloves and find yourself frequently scrubbing off paint
    • Notebook and pen to take some notes
    • Bag lunch and snacks to keep your energy going plus water bottle.
    • Old sweater (in case it is cool) and
    • Sunblock (in case it is sunny and warm)
    • Phone fully charged to video or take pictures
    • Portfolio or means to carry home your finished papers on day 2
    • Papers* (see below)


    *PAPERS (i.e., surfaces/substrates to dip into marbling tray):

    You can marble almost anything as long as it is “prepared.” Part of the prep you will do at home before you arrive for the workshop, and part of the prep you will do at the workshop the first morning. Most “papers” you will just bring as they are and if they require alum treatment, I will let you know. Papers that are painted with artwork need to be sealed with Krylon Workable Fixative at least 24 hours before you come. I will demo all the following types of “papers,” including:

    • White and/or lightly colored and maybe some black sheets of paper which are 90 lb. to 140 lb in weight. Can be hot-pressed (smooth) or cold-pressed (slightly textured). Does not need to be expensive Arches, Fabriano, etc., watercolor paper, although those papers do work well. Less than 90 lbs. will get soggy and can tear. More than 140 lb. is a bit too stiff to work with. 90 lb. to 120 lb. seems to be the sweet spot. There are specialty marbling papers called Masa available through Amazon which I will demo. I haven’t worked with these as of the printing of this sheet, so I can’t vouch for them.
    • Artwork (unfinished pieces you wish to experiment with; failed paintings and starts you wish to recycle and cover over; finished works you think are blah and need something extra.) You must be willing to consider each piece of artwork you marble a “sacrifice” in the process of learning. It will either turn into something interesting or be a true practice effort that teaches you something but maybe isn’t frameable. That said, you may get a “best of show” level piece of work out of the experience. Seal watercolor paintings with Krylon Workable Fixative to lock in the paint before coming.
    • Craft paper that comes on a roll and can be cut makes great collage paper
    • Sheet music
    • Old maps
    • Giclee prints
    • Charcoal sketches or portraits that are on 90 lb. paper and sealed with Krylon.
    • Deli wrap (unwaxed if you can find it) I will also provide unlimited sheets of this.
    • Sketchbook with thick cover
    • If in doubt, bring it, and we’ll assess. The main question is can it hold up if it takes a light bath? Tissue paper turns to mush and is not a candidate for marbling.
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