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Portraits, wild life, botanicals--whatever subject motivates, bring it with you to the session along with source materials and your favorite supplies (watercolor paints, charcoal, WC pencils, etc.) for drawing and painting. Skills, tips, tricks, and techniques for using creating lively watercolor artwork and mixed media works are covered in the context of helping each student to advance their own projects.


For true beginners, there is a lovely project and Angela will guide you through it so you can become familiar with basic concepts of watercolor painting and have success. Professional materials are provided to new student for use in class on the new student project for an extra $10 fee. 


Morning session is 9am to Noon. Afternoon session is 1pm to 4pm. This is a small group situation with 8 student artists maximum in each session. Call/text/email for space availability. Signups are on a first-come basis. No refunds for missed sessions.


 $20 for drop-in on a single session. $40 for all-day. Call first for availability.




Tuesday OPEN STUDIO Morning & Afternoon Sessions

  • Bring your favorite art supplies along with a sack lunch if you'd like to visit over the lunch hour. This is not a venue for oil or acrylic painters, so focus on watercolor painting and any of the drawing media including graphite, charcoal, and pastel. There will be water buckets and towels for your use and a light table for those who prefer to transfer images to paper versus hand-drawing.

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