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Welcome Back to In-Person Art Classes at the THC

This is a BIG week! Why? Two big things are happening... 1) the best watercolor painting art classes are back at the Tualatin Heritage Center where FINALLY, FINALLY, I'm holding my first in-person class in a year and a half, and 2) wildlife inspirations from my Alaska vacation are coming into the class projects (you saw that coming.)

Are you eager to return to an in-person art class format to practice your passion in the company of friendly other people? I have had many artist friends and students tell me that the pandemic was so depressing and isolating that they haven’t painted in a year. That is depressing.

Finally, there are signs of hope. Most of us are vaccinated and the worst of Delta may be behind us. Last week the WOW! art guild, a wonderful local artist group I belong to, met in person for the first time in a year and a half at the THC with a great turn out. This gives me hope more artists like you will be ready to mask up and join us for class.

How will it work? Well, of course there are rules for safety to protect all of us and that is good. We will distance with one student per table and limit enrollment to ten. The THC wants no food of any kind in the building. There are cleaning procedures we will be on top of before you enter and before you leave with the tables. If you think are becoming sick or have been recently exposed to someone with Covid, please don’t come. There will be more wonderful classes in the future for you to participate in when you are well and not contagious. I’ve been completely healthy and am vaccinated, but if I become unwell, I will cancel/reschedule.

So, far I have three students who've told me they are coming. I need three more to make it a go. Please text or email of your plans to attend so we may expect you and keep track of our numbers. Then, the good part--pack up your art supplies. If you want to make this extra special, invite a friend to join you. I will have some extra materials for a small materials fee of $7 for those who need to borrow a paint tray and get a good piece of paper.

What is the class agenda? My super fun watercolor painting classes at the THC will be a combination of:

1) welcoming new students at whatever level--especially beginners wanting to learn how to start with watercolors and a project designed for them and their success. I have advertised to the community via the App and hopefully some new art students will walk in the door. New students will paint the famous succulent. And, ...

2) special topics for intermediate to advanced students who wish to continue growing in their skills. This month we focus on "background techniques" using an Alaskan moose photo for inspiration and, for technique, the artwork of Oregon Coast artist Dave Bartholet. We will create our own original moose paintings with some of these concepts in mind.

If you want to learn how to paint with watercolors, or if you already have some experience but you want to take it to the next level with an enjoyable wildlife painting, this class is for you. If you want to learn how to paint backgrounds with watercolors which are textural, exciting and different, this class is for you.

Register now to reserve your space as spots are limited. I’d love to see you!

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